Making a Forest

I decided to make a forest.

First I went to the dollar store and bought some fake plant stuff , different kinds , bigger and smaller all cheap , even used some Christmas stuff .

Then cut out a larger random oval shaped blob in 5mm foam core , feathered the edges and
coated the top with pva glue , then flocking , poked holes and glued in trees and shrubs .

I wanted to be able to have troops inside the woods , so I set the woods on a sheet of 5mm foam core and made a bigger oval around it , same procedure as before , but this time only around the outside leaving the inside with just flocking , so that I could drop the first piece inside it.

now when troops move into the woods , you just take out the center piece and place the minis inside .


  1. Very nice idea. I like it a lot. Functional and visually appealing.

    Those trees, are they fish plants? Do they stand up over time or do they tend to wilt?

  2. Hi Brian, Indeed the plants are plastic and bought at the dollar store. They are fake plants. You can cut them in any size or shape and glue them in. Worked out pretty good. They don't fall over since the plastic is pretty tough.


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