Dark Angels Masters of the Chapter Conversions

I bought the Masters of the Chapter box set and converted them to make them fit in with my chapter , modeling robes and hooded heads and swords.

Here they are in primer after the conversion work.

First I will show the GW figures painted as smurfs (Ultramarines) and then my conversions.

First is the Master of the Fleet .

and my Dark Angel Master of the Fleet.

Next is the Master of the Watch ,

and mine.

Next the Master of the Recruits


and the Master of the Armory

and mine

these are not quite done yet but well on the way.



  1. I realy like theese models
    They have been converted excelently, did u sculpt hoods onto the heads or drill out the heads and replace them with dar angels ones?
    I like the paint Job looks realy professional, I lik the energy effect on the swords I may give that a go! :D

    Please visit my site, It still needs a lot of work and at the moment I havnt had much time to update it but theres still sum stuff on there!


  2. Thanks for the comments, nice to here from someone.
    I took a look at the site and like that you are going to be doing some scratch building.
    I will be posting some how to stuff soon that may interest you , keep up the good work and take lots of pictures of the process.
    The models came with loose bald heads , the hooded heads and the swords are all plastic from the new Dark Angel Ravenwing plastic sprues , I added some robe parts made from green stuff.
    The power effect on thee sword is light blue squiggle lines with a blue wash and then light blue squiggle lines over again, with a few random dots. ( I am still working on it )

  3. That is some very nice conversion work. ALthough you can see where they are from, you do need to look twice, and that in itself is the best rating of a conversion. To not know it is a conversion on the first look.

    I had thought of doing something similar for my own chapter, so now I have no excuse seeing how good they can turn out with a bit of work.

    Very impressive, and very inspiriing.

  4. Bucho ,

    Thank you for the kind words , the Masters of the chapter went together quite easy with all the nice plastic parts on the ravenwing sprue, and just a bit of greenstuff, you should give it a go, and send us some pics ,


  5. OMG those r awesome just painted my 1st dark angel model 2day and u r a great inspiration i have stuck 20 marines and there all converted not big conversions like yours but i worked hard on them. ill try to get u a few pics but not sure.
    I GIVE UR MODELS A 10/10.
    P.S. im only 12 so im not redy 4 big conversions.

  6. G'day,
    Awesome, like the hoods & robes. For the Master of the Armory, did you have to dremel out the helmet in the fist, or is it seperate to the powerfist?

  7. Actually it is a different power fist in plastic that I found in my bits box and I added the crux.

  8. this is awesome I had these guys lying around so I'm going to try the master of the fleet, also where did you get the icon for the shield from?

  9. The sheild icon is from the Ravenwing sprue.

  10. how did you do the head for master of the fleet? i just started angels and have 1000p but i was after a converted model and yours is just inspiring.

  11. thats a plastic hooded head from the Ravenwing sprue.


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