My Avatars of War Minis are Here

I Found the Avatars of War site on weetoysoldiers , in a discussion about using non Games Workshop minis . I have to admit I am a bit of a GW snob, I just really like the models and have not found many others that look right mixed in with my GW models.

Felix Paniagua is a miniature sculptor that has done sculpts for GW and other mini companies , so his style fits in with my other warhammer fantasy miniatures quite well , after viewing his site Avatars of War, which has hero character models for different fantasy races I was very happy to find some great limited edition figures that would look great in my collection.

I purchased both his Dwarf slayer and Orc boss, one for each of my fantasy armies.

The price was just a bit over what a large Games Workshop mini costs, and was worth it to have something that most other players will not have.

I used the Paypal option for payment , and it was very simple.

Shipping time was a bit of a wait but arrived a week sooner than expected ( even during the holidays).

The figures were in blisters and carefully packed.

The castings were very nice and clean with little to no flash to deal with.

figures and bases were proper scale and size and will look right at home in my armies.

Overall I am very happy with Felix Paniagua's Avatars of War figures and I am looking forward to seeing what new figures will come along in the future.