Ork 40K Warboss Conversion: simple but fun!

So here's my Warboss for my growing 40K Ork Army. I wanted him to have an aura of invincibility and decided to hide his face. That way he remains an enigma and that makes his subordinates work harder. The body is from a Big Mek. The head and banner are from the Black Ork Sprues and the bolter is from the 40K Boyz. His cape I created from a Fantasy Ork banner. I heated it with a candle and molded it the way I wanted to.

I like using Space Marine shoulder pads. Orks
need some help in that part of their design.
I works well with my fluff too: they are
Deth Skulz and steal from everyone. The skull
on the shoulder pad comes from a wood elf sprue:
I cut it in half and glued it on.

Our boss is standing on a battle field strewn with defeated Dark Angels. I thought it would be fun to make him really actually admire the Dark Angels, so I painted him in those colors with the white robes.