Thanks everyone! SCW reaches first milestone!

We are very happy that Santa Cruz Warhammer has reached it's first modest milestone. In the last 30 days we broke a thousand visits (actually 1139) which basically means that lots of people like the stuff we put up and John and I are honored and excited. We promise to do more and will work on lots of models in the coming year. Feel free to leave any comments or things that we could improve. Thanks to Hyun for writing a glowing review about our website on his powerhouse model site called
Check out that site. We have it linked on our list.
John & Mike


  1. Congrats - it's a great blog... so keep up the good work!

  2. is indeed a great blog. I hope you keep updating the blog ;)


  3. Excellent! It's great to see such a worthy site get the visits and recognitions you guys deserve. Glad to help out!



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