Using CA Accelerator for Metal Models

I have been building models since I was a kid , mostly using plastic glues , then I started with metal kits like the type used for some of the warhammer models , which have been a total pain to assemble , dwarf gyrocopter , goblin hewer , ravenwing master on jet bike , ect. are all known for being tough to assemble and pinning is great but takes forever .

I was trying different types of CA or super glues , not having much luck . I have used rubber bands and clamps to get pieces to set , but always wished for something even faster.

One day I purchased a cheap lot of minis from a young guy off of the internet ( as I sometimes do ) which included some paints and brushes , and was happy to find a small bottle of CA glue accelerator mixed in with the hobby supplies.

I am not sure if I had never heard of this stuff before or if I had heard that it was worthless , but somehow I was not using it . So I gave it a try , I put a small dot of CA glue , touched it to the other part to transfer it over , sprayed one side with the accelerator and touched the pieces back together , and they were bonded instantly , not 3-5 seconds or even 1 second , but INSTANTLY , no more try to hold still , and leaning it against something just a dot of CA glue and a quick spray, instant bond.

There is a problem though, the bond is not very strong , so what I do now is a few very small tacking bonds , with the accelerator to hold the pieces together , and after the item is assembled , I go back over with a good gap filling CA glue to bond all the pieces without the accelerator, this gives you the long term strength that is needed for a table top model that will be played with .

I also noticed that the accelerator has best results with its own brand of CA glue. I am using BSI-107 gap filling CA glue with BSI-151 accelerator. I have been able to find them at most hobby stores around here , but they are based in California.

Go buy some , it will change your life



  1. I just use the superglue available at my local hobbie store, I used to use the thick stuff which took forever to dry and I just didnt like how it flowed. I have started to use the thin stuff now tho and it dries almost instantly which i often find rather annoying as things can end up in the wrong place.

    Word of caution when new dont tilt the bottle of thin super glue to quickly as a bit sprays out the end, it's not nice when it's in ure eye, just trust me on tht one lmao :D


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