Ork Battle Wagon, converted Armor Cast Model

My buddy John gave me an older 1989 Armor Cast Ork Battlewagon that has been sitting in the closet a little too long. In July I am playing a 16000 point Apocalypse game, so I figured I might as well do something with it. Here's a painted original model from the olden days that I found in Google Images (with respect to whoever painted it; great job. I am just using is to show what the original model looks like):

and this is my converted version with the capacity of carrying 20 troops plus str. 14 front armour.

I like to use balsa wood with super glue and the whole building process of the frame didn't take longer then an hour. I had some old pieces laying around and pieced it all together the way an Ork would do it.
I put 4 big shootas on the top, one automatic, hanging of a turrett (it swivels180 degrees) and 3 guys up on top.

In front is a Zzap gun.

And here it is with some paint slapped on it:

I had difficulties painting this oneand am realizing that I am pretty bad at painting metal on vehicles. I always go too shiny! I never know how to come up with good metal coloring on trukks and tanks, so anyone: please come up with some good ideas!

I added some details left and right...

...and made sure that the original Armor Cast engine was still exposed.

Anyway, it will work for the games and is a lot cheaper than the Forgeworld Model.


  1. If you go too shiny with metal, just use a wash over it like the mud wash or black wash. Should tone it down a bit


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