Converting toys into great 40K models: the Warbuggy

I was slightly disappointed that GW did not redesign the warbuggy and the wartrakk with the new Ork Codex, since they have lots of potential for outlandish design, both for professionals and amateurs like myself. In my hobby store one of those buggies goes still for $25.00, which is a little much for my taste. One night, while browsing in the sale section I found a beat-up box of a Robogear Helix and I remembered that this guy Irondog (we have his blog on our blog roll) used some of their models in conversions.

Amazingly, the Helix is absolutely PERFECT for Warhammer 40K.

It has trakks (which are legal in the codex) and twinlinked rokkits (also legal). For the driver I used the legs of an old trukk driver (very small legs compared to todays models) and added a normal torso with the most crazy head I had laying around. Of course I did add the usual Ork paraphernalia to this model, like skulls, pieces of armour etc.

By the way, the rokkits can actually be fired and can go up to 6 feet, using a little spring inside the launcher. In my first game against the Guard, I had great fun trying to actually shoot down some guys..

The models are very hard to get and the website says that everything is sold out. I am not sure if the company still exists. I found this link
so try that and on Ebay one seller has a bunch of models.
Hope it inspires to do some fun stuff! If anyone knows anything about this, let us know and I will buy at least two more of these if the price is right!


  1. What a great post about converting stuff for Orks.

    Just goes to show, keeping your eyes open while cruising through your local stores can result in some fantastic looking conversions with a little imagination and a few bits.

    Nice job.
    I've added this to my blog under "Items worthy of note"

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Those models were made to be Ork conversions! I checked out the ones on ebay and they really make me want to start an Ork army just to use some of them. There is even one, the Spider, that would make an awesome traitor guard sentinel stand in. Great info on these little kits, and thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks guys! It's the single reason why I love the Orks, your options only have limits based on your creativity. To me, it's the one army that perfectly fits the spirit of GW (modeling, painting, playing for fun). I love it and I am humbled by all the kind words..
    mike at SCW

  4. Good stuff.

    Airfix DID have the licence to produce Robogear for a while, but that may have fallen through when the company went belly up (under Humbrol) a few years back.

    That said, the Hexagon terrain sets are still used by Urban War miniatures game. The Robogear sets ARE a good source of bits though for orky stuff. Big punching fists and snippy claws. Lots of dakka.


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