How to make lots of Gretchin...with Gnoblars

Playing Orks means you can't take the game all that seriously, they get killed so easy, it's pretty hard for me to ever win a game with them. But, like Imperial Guard, they instill lots of love in your heart. So it is with the gretchin, who are a pretty sad bunch of fighters, but I love to field them, they are just great fun to play with and look at. Games Workshop had made a limited amount of models and they are all awesome but if you want to field 30 or 40, they all start to look the same. I have once seen some Gorkamorka pirates but haven't been able to put my hand on those. Anyway, our buddy Christian advised me to use the Warhammer Gnoblars to make large amounts of inexpensive grots. The Gnoblars belong to the Ogre Kingdoms and come in a box of 24.

To make the Gretchin, they need to have a grot pistol. Anything will do really, just make it look like a shooty weapon of some sorts. I used the front of bolters, pieces of narrow tube etc.
Here's a group of the Gnoblars/Gretchin with a real Grot on the right.

The dimensions are the same and they look great. I find them kind of hard to paint, they are so small so my apologies for the sloppy paintjob.

Hope this inspires to field many grots!


  1. Wow, I never thought of that, I always wanted to field lots and lots of grotz, 'cause seein' dem just die left and right is so much fun. Thanks for showin' me this, I'll jump right on gettin' those grots out. Is there any way to get really inexpensive runtherds, 'cause you need 1 runtherd per 10 grotz?

  2. Hi Garrett, you can easily make some runtherds out of normal boyz, just give them a whip and make a shok stok out of some bitz. I will work on one and post it asap
    mike at SCW


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