Washing the Deathwing

I picked up the new Citadel washes , and decided to give them a try.

I have been slowly painting my Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators, you may have read an earlier post on dipping the Deathwing using Minwax wood stain. I have been looking for a good way to paint these guys as I am modeling the entire Deathwing, all 100 Terminators, and I have been dragging along with the painting for some time. Most will be painted quickly to a decent tabletop standard and I will do better jobs on the characters and command, so here's a quick job on one of the troops.

I started with white spray primer, then bleached bone and then a wash with the new Ogryn Flesh wash.

then I used the Devlan Mud to wash some of the parts that I wanted a bit darker shadows in, like the vents on the back and the leg joints and emblems.

then I added the base colors to the details

gave those a wash with the new washes to blend them in and add some shadow.

then picked out the highlights, and drybrushed the bolter with gunmetal.

next I went back over and cleaned up with Bleached Bone leaving the wash showing in the low spots, and will add highlights to the armor with a mix of Bleached Bone and Sull White.

Overall I am pleased with the results and I have to say that I like the new washes and find them easy to use. I hope they help to inspire me to finish up my Deathwing soon.

So here is the run down .

1. prime white
2. base Bleached Bone
3. wash Ogryn Flesh wash
4. wash Devlan Mud ( areas that will have darker shadows)
5. paint details: shoulder emblems , chest emblems, eyes, bolter
6. wash details ( I used Thraka Green on the chest wings , Black and Devlin Mud on the other badges.
7. highlight details with lighter shade , or even the same shade as the base , because the wash has darkened it up a bit, also drybrush bolter with Gunmetal.
8. recover unwanted wash with Bleached Bone on the body.
9. Pick higlights on the armor with mix of Bleached Bone and Skull white.
10. Hunt the Fallen and Purge the Unclean.


  1. Hey, it was good to stumble across this... I too am sitting looking at a Bleached Boned Deathwing army wondering how I can use the new washes.

    I think I read somewhere recently that a good paint scheme for skeletons is to basecoat in Deneb Stone and then wash in Devlin Mud...

    I'm finding the Bleached Bone just a little too warm and buttery for me and am considering the Deneb/Devlin direction.


    I'm not really a fan for the stark white with black lining either.

    I'll bookmark this and visit back.



  2. thanks for the comment Jon ,

    most of my earlier deathwing have been highlighted with bleached bone mixed with skull white to lighten it up a bit, you might even try using that as a base and highlighting to white.

    I also liked your take on the traitor guard, and I am interested in seeing it together, John

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  4. Great article - I REALLY need to finish the termies I started, and this is just the sort of inspiration to get me going again. Thanks!




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