Sunday, September 7, 2008

Iron Snakes: Brother Andromak

Here is Andromak, the Standard Bearer and Plasma Gun wielder of Damocles Squad in the Iron Snakes. He is mentioned throughout Dan Abnett's novel Brothers of the Snake and in the end saves the day by destroying his ancient plasma gun right before thousands of Orks run at the squad.

Anyway, not much to the modeling, except the banner, which turned out OK. Can't do better at this point. John advised me to drill a hole in the backpack instead of magnetizing, and that's what I did.

This week I will post the boy slave of Brother Priad who hands him lance and bolter during battle..


  1. Yet another awesome Iron Snake to join his Battle Brothers. I've not read Brothers of the Snake but seeing your conversions is making me want to. I'm looking forward to seeing how the completed squad turns out.

  2. These guys are looking really cool. Will you be doing any other squads after this, or are you sticking to just the command squad?

  3. Looks good... and I like the banner.
    Banners make everything better.

  4. I am not sure if there will be more squads besides this one. I am kinda tired of starting massive projects after doing Orks for so long. What I will be doing is:
    -boy slave for Priad
    -Autoloch, the venerable dreadnought
    -the apothecary in this squad
    -a rhino
    thanks for all the positive comments; read the book!
    mike at SCW

  5. Cool conversion. Just one thing. I think Andromak wields a plasma Cannon not a plasma gun. It says both names in the book and i think the author got the two weapons mixed up and intertwined.

  6. thanks for that comment anonymous, I will look into that. It did seem to me at the time that that the plasma gun was kind of small for all the attention that Abnett gives it.I might have to ask him on his blog.
    Mike at SCW

  7. Hey! I just stumbled on your blog researching for my own Iron Snakes unit. I was wondering if you could give me a bit of info on paints and such that your using. Its looking fantastic so far man keep up the great work!