Iron Snakes: Apothecary Brother Khiron

Back to the Iron Snakes then. I am still busy building 1 squad of 10 space marines plus a landspeeder and a Dreadnought, all based on Dan Abnett's book Brothers of the Snake. Abnett himself wrote recently on his blog about the squad make-up, (yep, that's a link) he mentioned that every squad of 10 has an Apothecary. So I figured I wanted to spend a little more time on him. Here are the details and my thoughts.

In the book Abnett goes into great detail in the story about how Khiron came to be the Apothecary and he becomes important in the story. So I wanted his body to stand out amongst the squad, but not as big as Brother Priad, the leader. So I cut his right leg and turned it slightly, giving me the opportunity to give him a broader front.
To give his base some substance I added the body. The idea is that after Khiron extracted the gene seed he left his fallen brother with a prayercloth, which gave me a perfect way of finishing off the body, right at the end of the base. It is still playable in this way.

I made sure to give the victim plenty of battle damage.
Strange as it may sound, but modeling a dead SpaceMarine made me feel kind of bad....

In the final position I wanted Khiron to be imposing and powerful, so I cut his arm and hand to move the sword closer to his body, the whole model became one, strong and pissed off.

Does anyone know what color geneseed is supposed to be? Where can we find the ultimate details?

Here's the prayer cloth..

and the base with his name...

Anyway, read that book, it's really inspiring. Next project is the landspeeder, a favorite with the Iron Snakes.
Here's a link to all the other Iron Snakes work that I have done: here


  1. Very nice looking model. You've definately achieved what you set out to do. I read somewhere a long time ago that the Gene Seed of a Space Marine is light Pink in colour, and the Seed of those corrupted by Chaos is slowly manipulated to become a brownish-black, almost like an oil colour. Hope that helps mate!

  2. Their color scheme is so striking once you see it in person.

    Nice job on the conversion. The crisp white shoulder pads really pop.

  3. Very cool, I like how you've managed to make him different enough to your Common or Garden Apothecary without making him too big.


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