Iron Snakes: Modified Landspeeder

One more post about my Iron Snakes. As I have mentioned before, I am not really interested in building an entire army of Iron Snakes, but for now I have enough inspiration for a squad of 10, a dreadnought, a rhino and a landspeeder. The landspeeder is a typical vehicle for the Iron Snakes who like to use small groups to infiltrate fast and extract in the same speedy way.
I knew I wanted to do something more then just slapping it together and after some thought I decided to rebuild the gunner, having him pointing to some enemy on the ground.
First I cut out the legs from the seat of the speeder.

I did use the boot from that part, and added it to an old model.
Then I modeled him kneeling with one leg on the seat, the other leg on the ground and leaning forward, outwards, so he can look out.

Then I modeled the guys' left arm and have him hold on to the bar. I think that came out pretty good.

I didn't want to paint the speeder silver, I get tired of painting the same thing all the time. I thought about all kinds of colors, but I have always been pretty comfortable with red, so red it was. First I used a red foundation paint, then I washed it with badab black. Then I hard lined every single line on that model twice, with varying lightness of blood red.

The base was fairly simple, with some resin pieces from the GW basing set.
All in all I am pretty happy with it. Maybe if I do another one, I will do it in silver or black.