My entry for the Eldar Contest is finished and sent off

OK, here he is, the autarch on his jetbike. This will be my entry for the Eldar contest that happening this week right here
The details on this model:
The lance and banner, the shield and the head plumage all came from the high elf dragon sprue. The base came from an orc and goblins model and the cape I green stuffed. I painted the model using the stippling technique that I found in an ancient White Dwarf. The logo on his helmet sort of resembles the half moon that my kind of Eldar are scared of, I also added it to the banner. (mind you, I had never put an eldar together before this)

I spent some time on the banner, giving it a galaxy-kind of look which was fun to work on.

I do think this guy looks a little flashy, but without the drama there wouldn't be any Warhammer. I am convinced the galaxy is filled with amazingly talented heroes that can kill the enemy while sporting there sacred banner.

This contest is great fun and being quite competitive, I was on it like a bloodhound but now it's done, I am kind of relieved. In the end the process is always more fun than the end result...

Next post it is back to the Iron Snakes..


  1. Very cool Mike, I really like the long banner/lance now I have to do one.


  2. Really nicely modelled and painted. I think you stand a good chance with this model! I especially like the Elf shield on the front of the jetbike, it definately makes the rather plain aerodynamic structure of the bike more active and a lot less boring! Great work mate,


  3. Excellent work.
    As what I think might be the first completed entry I know of, you have set the bar high for the rest of us.

    Great job on the banner. Love the image.

    Nice use of red throughout the model too.


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