My entry for the Eldar Way of Saim Hann Contest

Yes, I have also set aside all my projects to put together an Eldar Autarch on a Jet bike for the Way of Saim Hann Contest. I finished the actual bike, painted and all and put together the Autarch himself most of the way. But what shocked me is that Ron at From the Warp is going to use the same lance, man, we must have had the same vision at the same time. Anyway, you can only go so many ways with this thing. Before this contest I had never painted an Eldar and my buddy Christian donated the bike.
Here is the autarch with his High Elf Lance, primered but I might still add some things. He is a combo of High Elf (from the dragon sprues) and normal eldar plastic.

Here's the bike. I wanted to keep the bike as intact as possible. It is a real challenge to do something nice with it, very smooth design and not many seams and bolts. I really worked hard on the blue stippling. The shield is also from the High Elf Dragon Sprue.

The base is the one that comes with Skarsnik and Gobbla from the Orcs and Goblins (my favorite model of all time), i just added some rocks and sand.

Everyone who hasn't started, get involved. This is great fun!


  1. That looks pretty sweet! Good luck in the competition.

  2. Very nice, the stippling looks great.

    The shield is a great idea too.

    So much for painting mine blue...

  3. Well, you know most of the entries will probably be blue, yellow or red, besides in the end I just painted it in a way that I liked, realizing that we will have a lot of similar color schemes. Maybe the person who steps out of that pattern will win the day..
    mike at SCW


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