Making a quick piece of terrain

Since Ron at From the Warp has been trying to inspire people to make terrain (click here for some of that stuff), I thought I give my two cents on the subject. I made a small piece of terrain from a design found in the Generals Compendium, an excellent out-of-print book with lots of good stuff. Find it on Ebay!

The hill above is mine and I tried to get as close as possibe to the one in the book, but the artists at GW are really GOOD at this stuff. Anyway, this one is a fortified little hill with some rocks, grass and spikes. You can use it in both Fantasy and 40K and I kept that in mind building it, measuring height with both Spacemarines and Wood elves.
The piece it self is rugged and doesn't have a lot of detail, remember it sleeps mostly in the garage with its brothers and sisters, so I advise everyone, no knick knacks for this stuff, it will just break off in transport.

OK, here it goes:
1. Balsawood fence (don't forget to chip off little chunks of wood to weather it), blue foam rocks, masonite board, balsawood stakes

2. Next up: spackle up the holes all the way up to the fence (this is the stuff I use)....

(Note: the nails in the wood are made using my green stuff rivet technique, which you can read all about here.)
....and for the ground some GW ground cover and bigger rocks from the basing set

3. For the paintjob: black and brown coat (can't use spray can, it will melt the foam), lots of
washes and many highlights, right up to Bleached Bone.

For the grass, just some glue and some handfuls right over it. I later inked the grass with brown to make it look at little more worn.

4. And here are the inhabitants!

(note: that mysterious figure on the right will be the star of my next From the Closet post...)
Hope this all inspires!


  1. Very nice piece. The real beauty of it is that it fits in with both fantasy and 40k very well. I might have to come up with a line of these for my table here at home ^_^.

  2. Very nice and I like the step by step too. Thanks.

    It looks like the perfect height for standard troops. It covers just enough but not too much that they can't shoot over it.

    Those GW guys always make it look so easy don't they.

    I have question about the grass. You said you inked/washed it? How does that work exactly? I have some bright green static grass and wanted to play with the color of it a little bit but was worried how something like the new GW washes would work on it.

  3. I used watered down devlan mud and just went crazy. THe static grass does come off, which is good, it exposes the bottom part which I drybrushed and made perfect before I covered it.
    Mike at SCW

  4. Nice job...Simplistic enough (and good instructions) that we should all be able to make a few of these. Intrested to see what else you use to "spice" up boring battlefields :)

  5. In the coming weeks I will be posting some items From the Closet with a bunch of scratch built terrain pieces: bridges, towers and fences. Stay tuned!
    Mike at SCW

  6. Inspired ! I really like it, nice work.

    Would you mind if I featured it on my inspirational miniatures and terrain blog

    Keep up the excellent terrain moelling,

    my Fantasy Battle blog


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