Get Inspired by these masterpieces!

I love staring at old paintings, especially the ones that are dark and scary and that kind of tie in to the warhammer world, both fantasy and 40K. With my latest decal-playing-around, I thought it might be fun to use some of my favorite artists as a banner decal. Mind you, it is kind of cheating, but at the same time, I have loads of fun making it work. In this post I just want to share some images from some very talented artists, that certainly have influenced the GW artists in their visions of the dreary place that is Warhammer. Fulgrim would have loved this stuff...
(I kept the files as big as possible, so you can see some good details)
First off: Hieronymus Bosch. You can find all about him here
He was a Dutch painter who lived from 1450 till 1516. His works are super famous and far ahead of his time. This stuff is very dark and there are tons of details that you will miss in these files. This is what the Warp looks like....go read about him, it will inspire you to model.

This last one reminded me of the Emperor on his throne...

The other artist I really like is Gustave Dore, a French illustrator from the 19th century who is famous for his biblical drawings. Find out more here. I have an old copy of Dantes Divine Comedy (click here for more info) and the illustrations that Dore did for that book are narly and scary and seem exactly like the world Horus and Fulgrim were envisioning when they betrayed the emperor. His visions of Hell give me the creeps and are extremely facinating. Some of his images would look very nice as a banner in a chaos army.

If you think this was fun, hunt down some books about these artists and study their work. You will be amazed!
Hope this was fun!