Saturday, January 10, 2009

From the Closet: Gotta love the old Blood Bowl Trolls...

Here's are a couple models I found in John's closet: 2 old Blood Bowl Trolls, painted in another life. How fun are these guys? They are great looking models and are loads of fun to paint.

I have often wondered why certain models age better then others. If you look at Empire or Elves from 10 years ago, they look really outdated. But with the Orcs and Goblins and these trolls, GW really struck a design that has aged excellently.

And you can still use them in a Orcs and Goblin Army, even if you don't play Blood Bowl.
Just wanted to share these guys with you!
Here's a sneak peak of a new model that I have worked on for a while:

Any guesses?
More next week!


  1. I do not think the second troll is actually an official blood bowl one. The first one certainly is but I have never seen the second one. It does not matter since it is clearly a troll without a weapon so would have worked for the game.

    I personally usually take the fantasy minis for blood bowl. Have a whole converted lizardman team? And a Yeti and 2 Bearstruck(sic) for my Norse.

  2. I cna't put my finger on it but I would say that the pic was of the Dark angely master torcherer (can't spell that), the one with the name.

  3. it seemed to me that the second troll just didn't have a ball in his hand, maybe it had fallen out, I 'll have to ask John.
    As for the mystery figure, he is no dark angel
    Mike at SCW

  4. I meant the second troll on the first picture from left to right. The first troll you did the solo pictures of is the one I thought was not from Blood Bowl. I do not remember it and the really big rock is also not a common element in the blood bowl minis. The second set of individuals is definately one of the blood bowl series but the gap never actually had a football but you could probably fit one if you wanted.

  5. the troll with the rock and warpaint is not Bloodbowl but I think it was from the Marauder line, I use them both for fantasy.

    I know what the guy with the hood is, but I'm not saying.