Modeling tutorial: How to make dual purpose bases for Chaos Daemons in Fantasy & 40k

One of the great things about Daemon armies is that many of the models can be used in both Fantasy and 40k but the problem is that the bases are different, square or round.

Many will just use the square base, so that it is possible to rank the minis up for a Fantasy game, but some might say it gives an unfair advantage in 40K.

Here's the solution: I made up a method to swap bases easily between the two game formats.

Here are both stacked up, they are the same size across, 13mm.

I decided to try to make bases for my Plaguebearers. I like magnets and have a large stash, so I figured I would use a metal washer to mount the mini and then make the bases both fit the same washer.

I used a thin steel washer with a small hole (carridge washer) which is the same size as the top of the round base, $.08 each at the hardware store.

you can see how it fits on top of both bases

Next drill out a pair of holes in the slot for the magnets and super glue the magnets from the underside.

Clip the tab off the bottom of the mini and file it flat and glue to the washer

I used some Bondo Spot filling putty , but you can use greenstuff too, to build up the corners on the square base, and texture the top of the washer.

Lift out the mini on the washer straight up and let the putty dry.

Replace when dry and brush on a PVA glue and water mix

top with some sand mix.

again, lift out until dry.

Primer both parts separate

when dry, reunite and paint the base

Here is my finished base

These came out better than I thought they would, and I discovered another good feature.

When using the square base for fantasy, you can adjust the position of the figure for clearance in the ranks.

If you are a Daemon player you should give it a try, with a little modification using different Fantasy bases or just some balsa wood sheets, you can use the same technique to make great movement trays.



  1. Excellent tutorial - I've been wondering how to go about this as I wanted to try it for LOTR Orcs able to be used in WHFB. You're bases look excellent and adjusting for aligning in rank is perfect.

  2. I don't play daemons and I'm not likely too in the future but I just had to stop and say: that sir, is a brilliant idea!

    I hope people make use of this tutorial!

  3. Fantastic work.

    So simple yet effective. Great tutorial with easy to follow pics.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this up guys. Even though I'll never use this (I don't play Fantasy) I'll be sure to pass it along to those who do.

  4. Very cool mod.

    What would we do without niffty little magnets?

  5. As above, I don't play daemons, but I'n very impressed - well done you!

    Could you do a thing for rank-and-file daemons whereby you have a movement tray with cross-shaped intersections to hold normal round bases in place?

    - Drax.

  6. Nice! How big do washers get? Is there any ideas for using this technique with larger greater demon bases?

  7. What I've done for larger based models (eg. my LOTR trolls for WHFB) is to leave them on the provided round base (40mm for my trolls) and glue magnets on the bottom, and then magnets underneath a square base.

  8. Greetings. I've just begun a Daemon Army for fantasy but inmediatley I thought in the possibility of use them in 40k. I've been looking for and yours is the best solution that I have found. Thanks to a nice guy from an Spaniard Blog ( who showed me your web.
    Thanks you so much.

  9. Anyone know what size magnets the author used? or which could be used. Also, any recommended places online to buy magnets from. Im in the US



  10. For such bases I used 1/8" dia. x 1/32" thick such as these;

    I would highly recommend K&J, shipped same day, I had them 2 days later. Excellent prices and they'll probably toss in a few odd freebies.


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