Great Gaming Table Deal

I decided to pick up a Ping Pong ( Table Tennis ) table to use as a gaming table and also to play ping pong.

The table size is a large 9x5 feet which would make for a nice large size battle area.

After looking on Craigslist (local internet want ads ) for a used table and not having any luck, I went out to Kmart to see how much a new one was , and was happy to find out that they were listed at $130. and this model folds up to store, and has rolling wheels which is just what I was after.

The local store had sold out but they directed me to one in the next town, and when I got to checkout to pay for it I was even more excited to find out it was marked down even less, only $52.00.

With a bit of luck and some thrifty shopping you can find a great gaming table that costs about the same as a new plastic Games Workshop model, and your wife might even let you keep it if you play a few games of table tennis, or buy it for her for Valentines day.

after simple assembly its ready to play, 5 x 9 feet, the net comes right of.

here it is folded up to store

My next step is to buy some isulation foam board and start on some scenery,
I want to make a kind of simple or generic field and then some rocky mountains, perhaps I can get Mike to come over and help out.



  1. Genius! My other half loves table tennis, so this is an ideal way to get a full size gaming board AND table tennis table in the bargain. Now all I need is a bigger house to put it in, or I'll be playing games in the garden (not ideal - ever seen wimbledon?)

  2. NICE... I grew up playing 40k on a ping-pong table that sat on top of a pool table. Genius... And when you build the foam terrain you can have space for the "dead" figures... books and stuff still on the table but not on the battlefield.

    Way cool... I will have to look for some good deals on somethign like this...


  3. I have to second that proclamation of, "Genius"!

    What an awesome way to get a prebuilt folding table that is plenty big enough to set all the scenery you might need on it. Very cool!

  4. When I was a kid we used to play on a table tennis table. 2v2 battles usually. You can't really beat it for large scale games.

    I'm just paging through your blog, there's some interesting stuff here, thansk for sharing.

    my WFB blog

  5. Same as Torg I grew up playing games on the ping pong table at the cottage, many good times were had on that thing - which is now used by my dad for testing out his model train setups. Good find!


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