Quick and Easy Rust Painting

Here is a simple way to make some rust.

I used it on some Nurgle weapons, but it can be used for anything you want rusty.

Mix up a good orange and brown color and mix in a small amount of baking soda until it gets clumpy and paste like, then just dab onto the surface.

Very simple and adds color and texture.


Mike says:
After John told me about this method, I used it on a base for some texture, it works excellent to create little mud clumps. Good stuff!


  1. Neat trick. I am going to have to give that a try some day.

    How does it stand the test of time? My only fear is it rubbing off after a few dozen games or so.

  2. actually it holds up surprisingly well, as it is mostly paint.

  3. Awesome tip. I'll definitely use this.

  4. Dang, I just painted a cultist champion's rusty sword. I just stippled on a brown, followed by orange. I wish I saw this two days earlier for the texture.


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