I want to apologize for the last month, having been unable to post anything decent and being caught up in all kinds of things, not least trying to buy a place to raise the kids. Anyway, there is that Stegadon contest that Dave Taylor and Jeff Hall asked us to be part of and my project has spiraled totally out of control and I have had no time to do anything else. I can't show anything quite yet because this thing will run on the Adepts Forge soon enough, suffice to say that I flipped everything on the Stegadon around trying to make it look completely different with in the end making it look like the one on the box! So much for conversions...
Johns conversion looks really great by the way.
Anyway, more soon!


  1. Life gets in the way at times. I took almost three months off for home buying and getting some other personal business done. Don't worry, we won't forget about you... well... BoLS might, I've noticed I'm no longer on their blog roll! LOL


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