Kids and Warhammer 40K Part 2

A little while back I started playing 40K with my 9-year old daughter, which you can read about here. Anyway, thought to give you another small update on that process. This Sunday we played a small game, I just threw some stuff on the table. She played the Iron Snakes and I played Orks. It was great fun. We had objectives (capture the jewels) and we were able to incorporate little sister (5). She rolled all my dice AND took all these photos. What a sneaky way to infiltrate hobby time into family time. Mama had a good time doing her own thing, so everyone was happy!
As I said before, I don't think 40K is really a kids game, so I am being really careful about what it is all about and try to keep nice and light. No need to scare them quite yet about their own future..The Orks do lend themselves for some lively re enactment which is always good for a laugh.
One thing was funny. 10 Orks assualted 5 spacemarines. Orks get 40 attacks, my 5 year old rolls a killer roll with like 20 4plus or so. Next roll needed 4 plus again, she rolls 4 good ones. My nine year old takes 4 3 plus saves and makes all of them. I mean, come on!

Terrain: blocks and some terrain that was close at hand.

In the end the Orks got slaughtered (see blownup trukk and looted wagon) and the Iron Snakes captured the needed 3 jewels in the middle.

Oh, by the way, when I was cleaning up the toys the other day I came across some of my terrain that was used a few weeks ago in Playmoland, now the girls moved all the Cars in...good stuff.

Play Warhammer with your kids! But make sure to scale down expectations. Just have some good family time...


  1. Sounds like fun was had by all. Including, most importantly, momma!

    Also, do you think you could have your five year old take pics for my blog. She definitely has more skill at it than I do!

  2. I used to play warhammer with my daughters when they were young. But, alas, they grew into teenagers and lost interest. Now I play warhammer with their boyfriends.

  3. Nice. I got a little five year old boy and he helps me in my painting endeavors. He bases and flocks my miniatures. Point is our kids look up to us and want to do what we do. He likes to play with my D&D minis too. I salute you, The whole reason I'm into this stuff is because I watched my uncle do this stuff and I fell in love with it. Now my love of games and fantasy have lead to a passion to write and I'm well on my way to getting a book done. This is a great hobby and anything that can capture the imagination of a child is glorious. Bravo for spending time with your girls in what you do, whatever you do. I'm sure it means the world to them.

  4. soon the little one will want to start with her own Khorne Bloodthirsters, Or dress like a Slanneshe Deamonette for halloween.

  5. it's funny, every time I post something about warhammer and kids, I am amazed there are so many people like me, you know late thirties, early forties, still kid at heart, having a family and making it all work without losing the love for the hobby. It's pretty cool. Thanks for all the kind words!
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  6. Great stuff ... you inspired me to get my little monster involved ... see

    I completely get where you come from with Warhammer and not scaring the kids. I must say however that my little lady loves 'Di-daaa's' (that's spiders for the uninitiated) and Tyranids (that's what she's 'painting'). Both Kim and I intend to keep her unafraid of 'scary looking' things - after all we're UK based and only have one animal in the country... so 'scary' tyranids aren't too bad.

    After all, like many adult subjects, the ramifications of their 'attacks' goes right over their heads ...

    Who never played 'war' as a little boy - "I got you, I got you!", none of its very real because the realities are a long way away.

    I'll stick to warning our girl off eating random berries and talking to strange men - small plastic armies don't worry me.

  7. Outstanding. I have a son (also 9), a 6 Year old Daughter and a 4 Year old daughter. Playing with my kids is my favorite time. I also call it family time.
    My son plays his Tyranids most of the time, my two daughters like my orks (They refer to them as "goblis" pronounced Gob - Lees).

  8. I love it! I have a little nurgling on the way myself and am looking forward to getting them into the service of the emperor. :) I added you to my blogroll. Jawaballs


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