Nurgle Rhino MkIb

I was trying out a new type of putty, and mixed a bit too much, I was looking around for something to use it on, and found this old rhino.

I have been painting up a small Nurgle Marine unit, so I figured this old rhino would look good with some Nurglising.



  1. Hot damn. That old rhino looks great now that you've pimped it out with some Nurgle bubbles and tentacles.

    Very nice attention to detail too! I really like the rust effects.

  2. Got to agree, a very good job mate. How was that rust done?

  3. Nice work on the Rhino, Nurgle will be proud!

    What was the new putty? Will there by a short product review by chance?

  4. Cawshis- thanks I think it works well for my nurgle deathguard as it has a old timey look.

    Sovietspace- the rust was done with a black base then dark brown blotches then orange with a tiny bit of the brown to make it less intense, all just blotched on with a beat up brush. then a tiny bit of gunmetal on the edges.

    Inner Geek- the putty is Apoxie Sculpt, and I will do a head to head review vs greenstuff.

    thanks for the comments guys, John

  5. Nice work, all my Nurgle Rhinos are the old plastic ones...


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