Squig Therapy

I have a habit.

I just started another army.

I don't mean I have a 40k army and I am starting a Fantasy army.

I mean I sometimes open a box a find an army that I forgot I had, and I still went ahead and decided that I would give Space Orks a go, and I have not yet got rid of any of the armies that I told my friends I was going to sell.

Heres the start of my own Ork Waaagh from two used lots that I got a great deal on online.

I don't drink or smoke. No drugs, no Coffee. No nasty internet porn habit and I have no debt.

It is Saturday night, I have a girlfriend and no kids and I am painting Squigs, and blogging about it.

I have more than 40 Codex / army books, some are doubles and many are for armies that I do not play.

I have Fantasy armies;

Orc and Goblin
Wood Elf
Chaos Warriors
Chaos Daemons

I have 40K armies;

Chaos Space Marine
and a GIANT Dark Angels army with a big Ravenwing detachment.

I decided to model the entire Deathwing so I went about finding 100 terminator models, now I have way more than the 100 I needed, which is more than the real chapter has.

A few of the armies I own, I have no interest in playing.

My Wood Elf and Ogre Kingdoms army boxes are still unopened, but I would like to play them.

I bought the Ogre army set to use as Chaos Ogres, because I think the older Chaos Orges look kind of silly, but I liked the models so much, I decided I would just have a small Ogre army too.

So when is enough too much?

I have accepted that I will most likely not paint all my miniatures in my lifetime.

But Mike, I promise I will paint my Forge World Giant.

I remember when I first met Mike I talked with him about a socialist approach at Warhammer, having a bunch of cool armies and a great game table so that I could have armys to loan friends that wanted to play a game, I think I am somehow working with that fantasy in the back of my head somewhere.

I catch myself daydreaming about opening a gaming club, so I can paint figures and play games all day instead of having a real job.
perhaps if I build it they will come.

While listing my armies for this blog, I realised that I do not have a army with skeletons, and I have always wanted to have a skeleton army, I think I will start a Vampire Counts Army but use Tomb Kings horses as Blood nights or something.

Am I broken?

Well, here are the Squigs, painting them makes me happy so they must be alright.

I will paint the Gobbo riders soon, I used a dark red base , highlighted with orange and then yellow, with a heavy red wash thin yellow highlights again and then red wash again. Teeth and claws are bone white with a Ogryn flesh wash and then highlighted with bone white again. Eyes are scorpion green.

I have promised myself to keep up with basing and these were based with sand mix with tiny pebbles, primered black, painted dark brown ,highlighted med brown, highlighted bone white, and afew white details on some of the stones, then random clumps of bright green static grass.

Since I am talking about bases, I did this one at the same time for my Lizardman Lord Kroak.

It is about the same but with a bit of yellows and greens in the sand highlights, and about 4 different types of grass and more large rocks from the basing kit highlighted up to a white.

Well that's my wild and crazy Saturday night, if you suffer like I do, please let me know that I am not alone.

Is there a 12 step program for Warhammer?


P.S. its not all my fault,
I try to moderate, but some of the local game shops have it in for me,
things like 30% off of an Ogre army box set ( a whole army for $20 more than a 4 man box set) and with the saver card I get a punch for every $10 I spend , with enough punches I get 15% off everything I buy.

Or how about I go to check out the new lizardman stuff and they have an old Lord Kroak from years ago that is still on the shelf priced at $30, because it was priced back when they first came out a million years ago, I go to ring it up and its a further 30% off because its been sitting there for ever, the same exact model is in the new book.

I have been thinking about the new Eternity Warden, but its Direct order only, but guess what? This shop orders a few direct and has them in stock.

I even got the new stegadon plastic kit for $19.99 because they used it as the display to show what the sprues looked like and it didn't have the box top.

But.....you will see more of him later.


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  2. Don't worry, you're not alone too, I have about 3k points of Tyranids, 1.5k points of Marines, 500 points of Eldar, and now Orks, not to mention Chaos Warriors at the same time.

    I've made it a point that I must paint up whatever I buy, so I guess that's how I do it...

    Oh, and I've started the hobby in January 2008, which isn't very long ago...

    Normally people take years to build one army, I took only months...

  3. This is slightly worrying!, i've only started and you've shown me a glimpse of my future!!.

    As for yourself, you already taken the first step in your 12 step program, abmitting you have a porblem!:-)

    p.s. more to the point, the squigs look great.

  4. Hey I drank the GW "Koolaid" many many years ago and at one time had as many armys or more..its now why I have a eBay feedback of 950..I sold lots of it to other "Kool-aid" drinkers..the sad thing is I still have figures for 4-5 army's that I will probably never paint.

    Oh I bought the Stegadon Friday night and paid full price because at even $40.00 its one hell of a model.. though I only need one sprue so its off to eBay with the rest I guess..for some other "Kool-aid" drinker to buy LOL

  5. You're not alone. The only thing preventing me from buying all the armies I want (Ann that would be all of them) is that I'd like to retire early so that I actually have time to paint the armies I already own.

    How crazy is that? I'm saving money so I can finally have time for all the minis I already own! That's a helluva hobby. :)

  6. I was going to leave a comment, but after the third paragraph or so, I realized I had more of a full post than a comment, so I cranked it out:


    Of course, I've given credit for my inspiration in the first paragraph...anyway, just thought you might like to know. :)

    BTW: I call the sickness CMBS -- Compulsive Model Buying Syndrome.

  7. Read Joe's blog and it led me here - great article/great point... CMBS here we come!

  8. I came back to this after seeing Crusher Joe's follow up post. Sometimes the headlines you guys write throw me off and I miss the gems like this one.

    Funny stuff here, I feel your pain.

    Let me tell you though, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    You can turn it around, if I can do it... anyone can.

  9. There is a 12 step program. Unfortunately, the first eleven steps are buying more minis and the twelfth involves a funeral.

    I think you are ok though. The evidence is that you mentioned you are debt free. I think anyone who chooses to spend their extra money on a hobby are ok. I think people who spend money they don't have on a hobby probably need to rethink their spending. I joke and complain about the money I spend on GW stuff, but like many have said, it's better than drinking or drugging it away. Plus, it keeps me home and out of trouble at night! I've never gone to jail after a long night of mini painting.

  10. I whole-heartedly second what The Inner Geek said before me. If you are debt free, then there is no shame in spending your extra income on a hobby. There are far worse things you could do.

  11. HAHA... I wish I could randomly find armies laying around. Those squigs are really nice too.


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