An Imperial Guard Test Model

With all the hype over the new codex and models, I have been motivated to build up Imperial Guard troops as well.

I was really impressed with Dave Taylors Genswick 33rd Rifles, and after seeing the Seperate Head System from West Wind, I went looking for a dish shaped helmeted head with a gas mask, and there it was in the Secrets of the Third Reich line, as well as other great masked heads.

I bought a pack of 20 heads for about $7, I figured I would find a figure with a trench coat and model some leg wraps, but use the Guard weapons and gear so they still looked Imperial.

I used to have a bunch of plastic Cadians , but I donated them to some friends. I kept my Steel Legion and Ratlings, but I wanted to try this out so I picked up a box of 5 snap plastic Cadians for $8 to try the heads out.

In this attempt I just did the head swap only, I wanted to see what could be done with a very simple conversion. With the numbers required with the new codex, I wanted to keep the modeling time and cost down per figure. This guy is $1.95 with this cheap version of a Cadian, or $2.55 with the multi part plastic Cadian shock troops box of 10.

I painted the uniform green with a heavy brown wash with the shoulder pads and helmet a darker green black that was metalized with a light drybrush of gunmetal, and the gear was done in a tan, inspired by the British WWII uniform.

I based with a sand mix and some new static grass that I like very much from Gale Force 9 that was only $4 and you get a ton of it, the color is dead grass, it is a much more realistic color and I think it looks great.

I think it came out nice and I like that it was so simple, yet the model looks unique, and still looks Imperial Guardish.

Let me know what you think.



  1. It looks really good - very dark and apocalyptic, and so perfect for 40k. Makes me want to start Guard! Must. Resist......

  2. very nice, I am contemplating a similar set up, I ordered some custom sprues from Pig Iron with masks but I like the tommy style of your sample a bit more.

    BH Senior Editor

  3. Nice look. It's worthwhile having a look at the pigiron head as well, they have some more varied and interesting designs - I like the Militia command and Militia Winter Headgear - and the Colony Militia Headsprue...

    And 20 head for £3 ... which is cheap as chips.

    Check out:

  4. much better than standard heads! i wanted to do the same with some cadians and some british heads with berets, the paratroopers ones, you know... but i don't know when because first i gotta paint my whole valhallan IG army!

  5. That head does look good. I've always wondered if the scale would be accurate or not (cause I'm a worrier), but it looks perfect on that Cadian!

  6. Very impressive, and definitely adds a dark element to the model :-)

  7. I use West Wind Waffen SS heads for my Blood Pact

  8. the grass patches and all the other little details are absolutely stunning.

  9. Ahhh so this is what you were picking up at the shop the other day. Absolutely awesome!

  10. It looks pretty nice. Very good idea.


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