Magnetizing the new Imperial Guard Sentinel Weapons

The new Imperial Guard plastic Sentinel is a nice model, and I wanted one for my new force, but what weapon is the best choice?

Answer = all of them.

Here is how I used two 1/8 X 1/16 inch neodymium magnets to be able to change out all the weapons for the Sentinel. These are the same size magnets I use for dreadnoughts and terminator arms. I have found them on ebay and Amazon , more recently online, cheaper but in large numbers only.

I used a pair of small magnets that I countersunk into the cheek of the Sentinel. I used a drill bit the size of my magnets to open the existing hole up to fit the magnet flush. I also added a hole next to the alignment square, this will allow me to mount the power packs for some of the weapon choices, but this must be flush or slightly sunken to work well.

The next step was to remove the mounting pegs on the weapons, and add a very thin piece of steel, for this I used small bits of a utility knife blade I bought in a set at the dollar store. this metal must be very thin. ( you could also cut up small pieces of the tape from an old or cheap tape measure which is very thin and will cut with scissors, just be shure it is attracted to the magnet.)

These long blades are scored to snap off used tips of the blade, but I had a hard time with making clean breaks, it really doesnt matter as you can not see that part when it is on the model.

Please remember to wear eye protection and be very careful when breaking the blade up, I used two pairs of pliers snaping away from me. I also added a bit of the blade to the power packs next to the square holes to align with the magnet there.

Some of the weapon choices have packs that you glue on to the weapon, these do not need a piece of blade as the will stay on with just the weapons magnet. I re-enforced the union of the flamer and its tanks, as it was a bit weak.

Now all that is left is paint, then just click on the bits that you want to use for each game and you are ready to go.

I hope this helps some of you with your Sentinels and remember: the best choice for you army is having a choice.



  1. Nice, and timely too! I shall have to purchase some of these magnets that everyone is talking about. Where do you recommend getting them?

  2. Max, I have added some info on the magnets to the post, ebay is a good source you can find 100 for around 5 bucks sometimes, a while ago I bought hundreds of them at a discount direct from a company online and got a really low price.

  3. Very nice. I'll definitely be using this technique with my new sentinels when I get them.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  4. I have yet to try this,but with the vulture conversion for the valk looming(whoops let that cat out of the bag) I am seriously considering doing dynamic mounting for my Valk. Nice work though.

    BH Senior Editor

  5. Very good info there. If/when I do sentinels, I'll definitely use your magnet technique!

  6. Thanks to your constant promotion of magnets I bought a bunch and am in the process of magnetising a Carnifex, Tau Crisis Suits (great) and might consider my Sentinels - although in my opinion the best weapon is the lascannon in numbers...

    But for a flanking unit with heavy flamers - now there's an idea?!?

  7. Very nice. I shall use this once I get my IG army underway. Thanks.


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