Mechanized Rough Rider is Painted

Here is a quick follow up to the post last week on my version of the Mechanized Rough Rider. I painted him up with the German WWII Desert look. The main colors are Foundation Yellow with the Ogryn Flesh Wash and an extreme highlight of Sunburst Yellow
Painting the back was fun
And here is our servitor

I kept his human side in the same tones as my other finished IG models, kind of deserty looking clothes.
The bad resincast (see 1st post) was more obvious unpainted then painted, I didn't want to cover up all the cool tracks so I tried my best to make it look OK.

I used a 40mm resin base for this model, following the Forgeworld Krieg riders that are also based on 40mm

Hope you all like it!


  1. very nice, so dose this mean you have picked a color scheme for your guard? haha in anycase looks slick can wait to see a group of those things.

    BH Senior Editor

  2. He turned out awesome, I really like the color scheme.

  3. Very well done!
    That is a really useful kit, if they fix their mould problems.


  4. John- one of the employees of Micro Arts told us that the tossed the mold after our slightly critical post. They made a new one and promised they would be perfect. I ordered 4 and they have been shipped, we shall see when they get here.
    Mike at SCW

  5. Great work, really like the colour scheme. Excellent model

  6. That is an awesome paint job. I really like the way it turned out and I agree, the paint hides the bad casting well.

  7. really nice work, and a good idea for a "mechanical assault" ;)


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