Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reclaiming My Hobby Area Pt. 1

My workspace has taken over the house.
The Girlfriend is very tolerant, but I think it is only a matter of time before she snaps.

We have 4 vintage 1950s dinette sets, and most of the time they are all covered with something Warhammer, with boxes hiding on the chairs and under the tables.

I have decided to try to clean up my act a bit. So what do I do , I go out and buy another table.

Not just any table, a drafting table.

I used to have a drafting table in my room when I was in high school in the 80s it had one of those crazy lamps that clamp on and have springs on it . My Mom must have bought it for me to do homework on, and to have a place to start my future career as a draftsman or architect.

We were not rich and it must have been kind of expensive, for a single Mom. I remember she somehow saw that I had cool clothes, a boy scout uniform, a Walkman, my own room in a house in a good neighborhood , skateboards and everything else a teenager takes for granted, like a drafting table with a light. Thanks Mom, I love you, sorry for all the crap I put you through, sorry I don't call enough.

I remember I took a drafting class my first year of high school 1984, I met my best buddy Tom in that class, the teacher was Mr. Sevrin and I remember getting in trouble for talking to Tom all the time, and that I thought drafting was boring. I enjoyed art class much more. I even took a drafting class in college, I think I hated it even more then.

Sorry I never became a draftsman Mom, but thanks for the table, I never did any homework on it, but I built lots of models and painted Warhammer minis on it ( which I am sure have brought me more joy in the long run ), and when Tom would come over, we would take turns building models on the desk and talking to girls on the phone until my Mom busted in and told us to get off the phone and walk the dogs, those days hold some of my fondest memories.

So I bought a drafting table on Craigslist, and I clamped a lamp on it, actually a lamp with a magnifying lens. This will be the start of my new workstation. I have a shelf, some storage drawers, lots of Tupperware style boxes and painting tiles. I need to figure out a good way to organize my paint.

Anyone have any suggestions of things I might want to add to get organized, what do you use a lot at your modeling workstation?

I think I am going to put on some 80s music and call up my old buddy Tom, .... and my Mom.



  1. Because I am fortunate enouhg to be able to do my hobby at work, I tend to keep things divided up into containers that are easily packed into my car. Everything is divided up into catagories; model paints, terrain paints, model building tools, terrain building tools, plastic card and bits, ect. That way with a little planning I can take to work what I need for the day. It works the same for a stactic workstation also, plus everything is moble in case you have to move the hobby area.

  2. Brilliant! Having nothing but a tiny room in a house, I've got very good at keeping my hobby organised. One pile of box's under a desk has to contain everything, and the pull out computer shelf is my painting surface and I am strict to make sure I put it all back away on that surface and push it back under the table at the end of each session. I only have about 10 paints out at any one time, the rest are hidden away and those that are out have to stay inside a small box lid.

  3. Aw, that is so sweet. No wonder Mom likes you better!

  4. I have one of those stacking plastick drawer cart thingies next to my art table, a tall wooden shelf, several tubs, and a really cool toolbox that i keep all my bits in.

  5. Thats creepy I just finished cleaning out and re arrangeing my office/ work area. good buy on the drafting table though.


  6. I might be a bit strange but i need a painting/cutting mat that can to be easily lifted and cleaned and about A3 in size.
    If i keep it clean and clear my whole desks seems a lot less cluttered and better place to work at.
    Nice "thanks to your Mom" as well, i don't think we can ever say that to much:)

  7. These light-and-lens combos are just gold! Once you have one, you will never want to do without them.
    On a note also to Andy, I covered my workarea with a sheet of glass (from an old poster frame).
    This is really great you can cut on it, you can easily clean it, and as long as it is flush on the desk and no dirt underneath it, it won't break.

  8. great post man, you must have a lot of spare room in your house!! Im in a one bed flat with my girlfriend and space is seriously limited, i sit with my legs crossed on the floor at the coffee table when I want to do anything... one thing I always think I could do with is a Dest tidy.. you know the ones where all your pencils and rulers stand up in... if I had one I could put my brushes and exactoblade etc in there and they wouldnt all just roll around the table when I need to move it!

  9. This is great. I use a computer armoire that we were going to get rid of when we moved away from the desktop computer. One thing that I have thought of doing for paints, but My space does not allow right now is a spice rack. Most of the holes in these seem to be the same size as paint pots. Most of my paints are stored in a set of plastic drawers like others, and come out a couple at a time.

  10. I agree with Andy, with his cutting board, but ask Brian over at The Inner Geek about how he stores his paints...

    Now it's summer again I've moved back out to the garden shed with the washing machine and barbecue...though I get some funny looks from guests when the look in the shed window!

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