We have a WINNER!

Hi all, we have a winner of the Santa Cruz Warhammer Contest. Just letting you know I asked my youngest daughter to pick a number between 1 and 36 and she picked:

19, which makes the winner the 19th commenter, which is

Blogger semmons99 said...

Great conversion.

Congratulations to semmons99 and we have asked him/her to keep us uptodate on what will happen with that model.

Thanks everyone for being kind in the comments. We love our blog and we love modeling and we love Warhammer/40K, so you can expect more.

On a side note: Micro Arts sent us 3 blisters with bases which we will give away at a later date.


John and Mike


  1. Wow, never thought or I might have put more thought into my earlier comment. His future is dark and full of rot and disease as he will soon be leading a group of plague marines into battle.

  2. Hi semmons99, congrats on your win. Maybe you can email your address to us: mike.tess@charter.net
    We need to send this cool model somewere...
    Mike at SCW


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