Monday, August 17, 2009

MaxMini Headswaps, Orc Pirate and Blood Pact Traitor Guard

After receiving a pack of sample bits from Przemek Jeske from MaxMini, I used one of theirFallen Legionnaire heads on a Catachan to make a Blood Pact traitor guardsman. Mike used one of Maxmini's jet packs in this post.

This was a simple build I just removed the eagle from the lasgun, and used putty to hide the arm seams. This is an easy way to make some convincing traitor guard models.

the skin was based in a light grey, highlighted with rotting flesh and washed with blue.

Next up is a new release from MaxMini; the Orc Pirate Boys head set, these great heads are sculpted by Wojtek Flis. I added one of the heads to a Fantasy Orc. There is also a pack of larger command style heads for bigger Orcs, these would also be great for some 40k Ork Freebooters.

I have found the quality of MaxMinis conversion bits to be very high, with very nice sculpting and clean castings with good quality resin.

Stay tuned for a MaxMini give away of these orc pirate heads, and some of their other bits.



  1. That is very good. I must visit this guy's webshop.

  2. I am in the process of building a freebooter orc army and I found these heads a month ago. as soon as the cash is avilable I will be making a nice order of these.