A million dollar Nob for a few bucks...

What we love best at Santa Cruz Warhammer is finding just the right bitz to make already great models look splendid. Sometimes we find stuff that's so good, that a modest looking model becomes suddenly really, really good. This happened to me this week. As I said in earlier posts, John and I got some Max Mini bitz and have been playing around with them. Mind you, we don't get paid by these companies, if we don't like it, we won't use it and in the end will give EVERYTHING away that we will not use, stay tuned because it will be quite a lot.

Anyway, I chose a Nob head and a giant gun to add to a Assault on Black Reach Nob which you can find a dime a dozen. Below are the WIP images. I did some work to the hands, changing the position and felt the gun was so big it needed support from the other hand. A bit of sprue worked nicely.
The resin pieces did have a little flash, but overall the quality and detail was superb.
Here is the painted version. I added the close combat weapon later, I think it looks cool and makes this model playable. You can make this a twinlinked shoota, a Flashgitz gun etc.
Tried to make this guy look above and beyond, but keeping the color scheme sober. The head and the teeth demanded extra attention and were I a better painter, I could do this sculpt much more justice. Love the big, square corner tooth, as opposed to the GW pointy corner tooth.
The base is from Back 2 Base-ix.
My point is (again) that if you like the modeling aspect, check out some of these great companies. Max Mini ships all over the place, is safe to deal with, makes great stuff and is totally affordable. And they really care about their models. This is not a sales pitch, these are just guys and girls like us, except they went all the way with their hobby while we slave away in a normal day job.
Good stuff!
Comments are welcome... or am I the only one excited about all this?


  1. This model really turned out well! I like the bits added on and the paint came off great too. Thanks for the "heads" up on a great company! (I know it was bad, I just couldn't help myself!)

  2. I keep having to talk myself out of picking up some of these heads. You are making it too hard to not buy some!

  3. Pretty good. I'm on the fence about it really, but I'm a GW fan boy so my opinion is rather bias. ;)


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