Friday, August 14, 2009

This Ork flies with a brand spankin' new jetpack!

Allright he doesn't really fly, but it looks like it...right? Anyway I picked up some bitz from Max Mini and played around for an evening or so building a Rokkit Boy with base. Here's what I did.

The Jetpack is the one from Max Mini. It not too cheap but it looks really, really cool. At first I was going to use it for a Chaos Raptor or Iron Snake Space Marine, but the pack is too big for that. Then I figured a Rokkit Boy should work out better size wise, and it did! I really like the way the Jet Pack looks Orky and at the same time not too outragously defunct, it's a really fun design.
I built him up using a plain old Ork from the introductory battleset. I modified his arms a little and did use a Black Orc axe arm.
Here is another picture.
But by the time I was painting I wanted him to really fly, not lean. It was too passive and I couldn't make that work with the flames from his Jet Pack. So I used guitar string and made him fly, taking my time to balance him so he wouldn't fall over.
Painting was straightforward, except for one thing: the jet flames. The Jetpack from Max Mini comes with those flames, which is fun. I went online to view some real life jet flames and based my color scheme on that.
Photography wise: as a background I used Frank Millers 300 hardcover comic album. The first 2 and last 2 pages have incredible backgrounds that worked out well for this guy. And yes I bounced the flash to the ceiling to create separation from the background.
Hope this inspires!



  1. how did you make the jet pack can you do a part two on it

  2. the rokkit pack is one resin piece that you buy and glue to the ork..
    Mike at SCW

  3. Really impressive, congrats!

  4. The jet pack is a really nice piece and I like the paint job on the flames. Really nice modeling too!

  5. Now I want to order some of these. I have been thinking about adding some storm boys and these are just too cool not to use.

  6. Very cool. I like the scenic base a lot.