I will NOT give up!

I have a serious complex about painting vehicles. Every time I try my hand on a large tank or plane, I get disappointed quickly. There is something about my way of painting that doesn't work. My heavy usage of washes works great on single miniatures but using that technique on large flat surfaces just looks like @*!!~&.

This Hellhound I had painted up completely, hated it and stored it away for about 6 months. Then a few weeks ago I decided to give it another try. I sprayed it black and started over.
This time I felt better...good enough to add the commander to it (a gift from John).
Constructive comments are welcome because I still feel fairly insecure about it. The Forgeworld modeling book is en route to me. The tank belongs to the Bishkek 2nd



  1. Give in to your painting style and become one with the inherent grittiness therein. I personally like it. I would suggest using a slightly watered down black paint along the harder edges of the shadows. Other than that, cool!

  2. Im not sure what your worried about mate, if my IG tanks turn out like that then I'll be pleased. They look filthy and beat up, just as guard tanks should!

  3. Awesome paint job. If you don't like that then I don't know what you should be pleased with. Just don't worry, if we all like it then doesn't that tell you something.

  4. I like your painting style on this model. And the choice of colours is excellent, they complement each other perfectly. Good job.

  5. Dude - that's awesome. You should be extremely happy with that because it looks so frakkin cool!

    I also wash the hell out my models, but I use greens with black washes. You can't screw up guard tanks! They are suppose to look like that!

    I'm not cross-linking to promote my blog here, but I do have an article about weathering after washing: http://berkswarhammer40k.blogspot.com/2009/06/weathering-leman-russ.html

    It took me a bit to remember to always spread the wash down (looks like rain streaks) and it took me longer to learn how to dry-brush over the entire model.

    Looks like you pegged it on the first try!

    You have a model that makes folks like me want change my paint scheme. That's all you can ask for.

    Keep it up!

  6. I think it looks great.

    I think you could add a little more depth to the big open light areas with a darker wash in the armor plate cracks and force some shadows on the lower sides of the big plates , kind of like the tank part has more contrast, continue that into the sides of the model.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  7. this is a fantastic piece!! Like you, I think I have a problem with vehicles. Mine is more realistic though in that I have NEVER done one before!! Ive got two Chimera and a Salamander, and a Elysian Sentinel to get on to at some point and iv put off and put off forever!

  8. I think it looks fantastic. I understand what you mean about washes and large flat surfaces. Certain models require altered techniques, but experience will always be your best ally.

  9. Yes, yes. That is truly awful! You should practice on several more and send them to me...

    Seriously though, another really nice piece. I would be proud to field that. As my painting skills lag substantially behind yours, I can't give any useful technique critique. I'll just stick with: I like it.

  10. to all of you. I didn;t want to sound like whiner. If you look at the tanks in the new GW tank paint book, they look so cool. I guess I just have to do my own thing and not try to be as good as those guys..
    I feel SO much better with all of your comments. thanks. I have another FW manticore to do and keep you up to date on that
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  11. Great job on the tank! Using washes on tanks it a bit different than models (I am a big fan of washes too!). What I found to work best is to do watered down washes first, painting it the direction I want it to look like runoff, then do heavier washes in the seems, cracks and any other recess to give it depth.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Looks good to me, if it's not up to your vision, keep working at it, but I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if this was my tank...

  13. Honestly, that looks pretty decent. If its not up to your standards, then it just means that you are still challenging yourself to improve.


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