This Kroot looks like a Lizardman

Obessed as I am, I picked up another Tau model, a Kroot Shaper with a gifted weapon. It's a great model and I didn't change anything to it.
I didn't like the colors in the Tau codex though and went for a blue look instead.
He has these pins growing out of his leg and decided that they would have to look a little irritated when coming through the skin.

I kept the base the way I envision the main Tau world to be: arid.
Not much else to it, except to say this model was a joy to paint. Try it, even if you don't play Tau (like me).



  1. Good job, I like it a lot. Your pale blue seems really suitable for the kroot, and its not a skin colour I've seen before.

  2. I love the job you've done on this Kroot. Kroot aren't generally painted blue (as that's the Tau skin tone)... but maybe this fellas been 'snacking' on bluies (as Sandy Mitchell 'Ciaphas Cain' calls them) in his spare time.

    "Can I eat your leg ... it looks tasty!"

    "For the Greater good, yes!"

    I bought a squad of Deathguard for the same reason - just love the models... and painting them. So different from Guard, Tyranids or Tau.

    I'd recommend the Lictor for the same reason - a joy to paint.

  3. Good job on the alternate skin-tone, it looks great! What method did you use to achieve it?

  4. Nice work indeed. I have always liked the Kroot a great deal better than the Tau. I've got a couple boxes of them around here somewhere waiting for that magical day when I'll have time to paint them.


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