The Bishkek 2nd Manticore, Part 4

More progress! But also more questions and before I can keep going I need help from you readers! Down below are 5 images that I need help identifying. They are numbered 1-5, maybe some of you can comment on what is is and mostly what it does! I don't know how to weather these items (grease, oil, dirt?). What moves and when? Anyway have a look and let me know. it's kinda funny how I have starting taking parts of models so for granted without even knowing what it really does!

3 the black thing
4 3 things here: wires on left, circle on bottom and door (engine?)
Thanks for that. Now on to the dozerblade, which has turned out to be my most succesful part of the mission so far. Here are the steps:
Black primer with tin bitz basecoat
Boltgun metal drybrush. I actually have two of these cans, the one I used has a bunch of black wash in it.
At this point I did two IMPORTANT things that take half a day:
1. glossy coat
2. 2 coats of hairspray
Then on to the next step: some patchy paint of the color that your tank is in, my case it's the deserty yellow
When that dried, I grabbed a brush with warm water and started to work it hard but not in a organized way, the paint comes of in a really patchy way.
IMPORTANT next step: another gloss coat to seal this result.
Then grab the oilpaint, in this case burnt umber and thin it with the turpentine. Then start having fun! I mixed it with a bunch of weathering powders that I made from my pastel chalks.
Late at night I gave it the matte coat and there it was this morning. Not done yet but getting pretty damn close!

Hope this inspires!



  1. Looking good.

    Here is my guess;

    1= round plates are bearing grease caps for the road wheels.
    2= small hatch or fuel filling port cover.
    3= Targeting sensors
    4= tools, engine access hatch, tow hitch mounting point.
    5= suspension shock absorber.

  2. That freaking amazing, the dozerblade kicks it.

  3. scdarkangle seams to have got it all right, i mean once some tells you what it could be then it always seams to make sens, any way, its looking realy good, cant wait to see it finished

  4. I'd say ...

    1. Round bits are the grease caps, above are the exhaust vents.
    2. Oil / fuel cap.
    3. the round bits are lenses, the slits are heat vents.
    4.Wires I'm not sure on, but the door in an inspection hatch, the round one I'm not sure on.
    5. WWI track tension bolt, used for moving one track wheel forward and back to tighten the track.

    Hope that helps. Did you add sand on top of the hairspray or paint straight on it?

  5. Just wanted to say the dozer blade looks great!

  6. that is one filthy tank! I would love to do a weatnerer on weatherer competition based out of this book.

  7. Let's have a tank weatering on tank weathering compedition wit the focus on clearly to follow steps.

  8. That's going to be the most grizzled tank in IG history. I have to admit you keep me hanging on and wanting to see more. ;)

  9. Are these all things you learned from that MODEL MASTERCRAFT book? Cause this is one heck of a sales pitch!!!

  10. I'm fairly sure the round bit on no.4 has been somewhat spuriously added from the breech of the earthshaker.

    Lovely dozer blade!

  11. I'm not sure on that Drax

    It looks like it's come from a real world reference, but I'm dammed if I can figure out what it's for. It's driving me nuts!

  12. mr esty: yes, I am just following this books progress and NO this is not a sales pitch. It's a brilliant book though. I did ask Forgeworld for a free copy to give away on the blog but they declined, saying they don't need extra exposure for their sales...sob. They should have anyway. right?
    Corbane: that is the thing but don't know what it is. John thinks it's a tow hitch mounting. I am sending an email to FW, maybe they can tell me.
    thanks for all the kind words

  13. I emailed FW and this is what they said:
    Hi, Thanks for the e-mail.
    The piece you indicate is, in fact, a data access port for use by Techpriests when linking the machine-spirits of a battery of Manticores to allow them to share targetting data and track the same target.
    We hope this helps!

    Ead Brown
    Customer Service Manager
    Forge World

  14. That's FW speak for "Although the modeller copied that from some WWI tanks, he doesn't know what it's for, so we made something up!"

    Don't you just love the 40k world

  15. Hmmm...

    I just checked my basilisk and I was almost right: it's not from the back of the breech - it's from the back of the recoil piston above the barrel. It's the same piece, with no shadow of a doubt.

    I took some pics, so I may email them.

    I guess maybe that's how the tech-priests er...aim their artillery...?

    Or not.

    Maybe they have USB ports to check their recoil dampening fluid.

    Or maybe they just thought "hey, this bit looks pretty...!"

    - Drax.

  16. In the grim darkness of the future they can teleport, but they don't have GPS or wireless technology.

    Nice of Forgeworld to respond though.



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