The Bishkek 2nd Valkyrie, Part 2: Camo

Here's the next day of work on the Bishkek 2nd Valkyrie. After having done the interior, it's time for the priming of the rest of the plane. Before that I had to tape off the cabin so no primer would get in, here's the picture after that first coat.
Then I misted the bottom of the plane white, no taping just turned upside down and pushed primer onto it letting it fall on the sides.
Here is a side, it looks like this:
still according to the plan. Now, being ready for the basecoat of the camo, I had to tape off the cockpit, the engines and the lasgun
A lot of this is all P and P: planning and patience. I want to camo this thing so badly but I know if I don't take it slow, I will mess it up.
I didn't take a picture of the plane basecoated in Desert Yellow from Tamiya, but here I am taping the camo pattern layout on. One note on the yellow spray, to preserve the white on the bottom, I did the opposite side and let the yellow and white blend in on the lower part. it came out nice
The forgeworld modeling book advises to cut the tape, but I don't like that, so I cut out little squares and put them on in random fashion to break the lines
Here's the bottom.
Because the next layer is dark, now is the time to tape up all the parts you don't want dark, a lot of work. It took me the better part of two hours to tape up the entire plane and keep doing it until I was satisfied.
here's a word of caution, try to prevent having tape stick up so your next spray layer can seep underneath it. Here's an example and the way to fix it.
Here's the opening
press it down with a sculpting tool
and it's fixed.
Doing this dilligently will save you lots of touch up later, although seeping cannot be prevented as I found out later...
Here's the dark coat: some darker brown solidly, then a light mist of really dark brown
and there it is
After all that work, still seeping....
Side shot 1
side shot 2
top shot open
top shot closed
and a cockpit shot
I am really pleased with how the camo came out. One lesson that I learned from this: patience, patience and lots of tape really, really do pay off

More to come this week


  1. Great job on that! I think it looks better even when it seeped!

  2. That looks awesome. Lovely job on the camo.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  3. Wow - that's looking awesome: I especially like the misting effect - perfect for this!

    Did you ever see the pic at the bottom of this post? - I was reminded of it by your pics:

  4. That looks great! I can't wait to see it once you've had a chance to weather it.

  5. That looks spiffy mate, I think the seepage is minor enough you don't need to worry about it.

  6. Looks great - makes me want to paint mine... and in something other than the boring green that the rest of my IG is.

    For difficult to tape parts look at non-permanent misket (masking frisket) which you can pick up cheap at craft stores near the acrylic and oil paints. (Be warned: usually this has a 24 working period before it bonds with your undercoat.)

  7. Great tutorial. I am copying this technique on my own valk, though with different colors. Thanks!


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