The Bishkek 2nd Valkyrie, Part 4: Moving on

I moved on after my meltdown over the wing ornaments. I painted them white and that's how they will stay. I told myself it's just a model and I can always go buy another one..

Having resolved all of this, I started weathering the model. I intend to use the glossy coat and the oil paints, so before that I had to basecoat everything pretty well, including the basecoat wear and tear, using the granite foundation paint.
Using a green scrubber, I made tight scratches with the grey paint, all simulating wear because of speed, so all the lines move from the front to the back.
It's hard to keep them super straight and I did make a tool for this, gluing a little piece of scrubber to the end of a brush, but it didn't last very long. I also did some work on the parts that would get more dinged up and where people would walk or open up hatches.
The tail came out well.
so did the bottom, trying to keep it moderate and not go all out.
Here I gave the engines a basecoat
and added some wear to part in the middle.
After all that, I threw on a gloss coat and starting playing with the oils. On the right is the oiled motor, but no drybrushing quite yet. The little rust speck came out allright.
Do or die at this point in the game.

Questions about this model:
1. what are the big rivet-like things on the wings in picture 2?
2. what's that little piece in the middle of the corner in picture 3?
3. what is the piece between the engines with the little vents in picture 8?
4. what is the grooved part coming toward you in picture 9?

I appreciate the help; it will enable me to make better choices about the weathering.



  1. I think the white looks good, glad you stayed with it.

    The hex things on the leading edge of the wings must be bolt heads.

    I imagine to make repairing the front edge of the wings easy,other than that who knows.


  2. lots of modern aircraft have the fuel cells inside the wings...these might be structural bolts or even fuel caps. in picture 2

  3. This looks really great. The white blends in really well, and makes the wings much more interesting. This fits right in with the north african desert theme you seem to have. Do planes rust? I added some rust to my valk and I was not sure it fit in so well.

  4. The two small vent in between the engines seem to be intakes to allow forced air to cool the controll elements that run between the engines (Thrust regulators, ect..) which would make the rear slotted area the exhust vent for the two small vents in the front (otherwise the two front vents would cause to much drag). This is what I thnik they are, I could be wrong.

    The white looks good.

  5. I love the desert camo. Keep up the good work. the weathering also looks great. Don't crush it under foot! I love the step by step photos. Makes me want to give a valk a go.

  6. You've recovered from your experiment in brown very nicely! I like the white, especially with the weathering.

    The speedlines are a great addition, don't forget to add some to the engine nacelles too.

    I'm with Drathmere on the rust issue. Modern aircraft use aluminum, which doesn't rust. While you do a great job with the rust effect, I simply can't make myself imagine the 40K universe building aircraft using a lightweight metal that rusts.

    Got no clue on the questions. But the above comments give some great ideas.

  7. Here are my best guesses at answers to your questions:

    1. Bolts, yeah the Imperium uses big bolts.

    2. It looks very much like a Radar Warning or Infrared Warning sensor.

    3 & 4. The whole nacelle between the engines looks like the enclosure for an Auxiliary Power Unit (small engine to provide hydraulics, electric power when the main engines are off). Intakes at the front, exhausts at the rear.

  8. I'm just echoing what everyone else put as their mystery piece selections. My own ideas on them are very similar, so no need to change it around!

    Anyway, very nice work on the Valkyrie! My own completed one (the other isn't even close to being done) doesn't have much of any weathering on it, but after seeing yours, I'll be putting some down the first chance I get. I'll definitely be using some of your tips!

  9. could you do a whole army shot


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