MaxMini Wolf Mounts Photos!

Well The folks at MaxMini are wasting no time on the giant wolf. We had lots of interest after or rumor confirmation post, and here are the first photos.

Photo from Przemek at MaxMini and is also on their forum

Space Wolves players (and everyone else) should be able to order these multi part resin models (with multiple head and rider legs or not options) as soon as next week in a pre release pack, and soon after in a 3 pack.

Price is not available yet but is sure to be much less than the GW Canis model, and will be further discounted in the 3 pack.

Don't forget these new Feral Heads from MaxMini which will also be great for Space Wolves.

I know I am looking forward to seeing these models, and I hope you are too.




  1. Super awesome stuff for scenario gamers and people who play in groups where people are understanding. But in a GW sanctioned event, especially coming up to the new 2010 ultra competitive year ... thanks to an invite only Las Vegas event. You better believe that people will complain if they see non-GW models on the table. If it is GW sanctioned ... you better not show up with this kind of thing in your army. Thankfully I don't play at that level and would happily snag some of these as a great alternative to the single model in the GW range that one could use.


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