A Guard Hellhound a la Dave Taylor, Part 2

The Bishkek 2nd Hellhound Flamer Truck is taking shape. I finished the basic design and am now working on details like tools, equipment and rivets. Here's the update.

This was how it ended in the last post.
At this point I got stuck with Dave Taylors design, because he is using the Ork Trukk as his base, which is slightly smaller then my chassis. So while using Dave's visual ideas, I now created some room to add my own look to it. His is where we are now
I opted to give the drivers cabin angled front plates with a vision slit coming out a bit. I liked that look, which reminds of pre WWII army trucks.
The fenders are nice and wide.
I am still working on the flamer and the gunner. I haven't figured out a good way to transport the prometheum from the tank to the flamer. I made the flamer nice and long as to not burn the truck itself when it fires. The soldier has a see-through screen to protect him from the heat, I used some blister plastic for that. it's not done yet.
Adding details make the model more believable, really handy when you build one yourself.
These are the hinges for the driver door
Here's a voxcaster in the open compartment
I thought a lot about the bumper on the back, in the end I opted for sturdiness.
Here's the vision slit for the driver

The orange stuff is Bondo Spot putty, which is toxic and I won't use it again. But once you fill up cracks, you can sand it smooth. Maybe there are non-toxic alternatives?



  1. I wish I could drive that to work. My commute would be a lot more eventful. (Damn L.A. traffic!)

  2. What about spackle?

  3. Your doing some awesome work here, really impressive stuff :)

  4. That's excellent mate, love the detailing.

  5. Tried milliput? You can sand that stuff smooth too, and it's non-toxic. It's like a tougher form of greenstuff that actually holds angles.

  6. This stuff is really not very toxic, mostly talc with xylene it does contain acetone and very small amount of ethylbenzine. Do not huff or burn and breathe or eat it and you will be fine. If you use plastic model glue or put gas in your car you have been exposed to the same stuff.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  7. very kewl. can't wait to see it painted!


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