A Guard Hellhound a la Dave Taylor, Part 3: Camo

Upwards and onwards with the Hellhound Truck! I am getting into the scary part of the project, the paint job. I fear painting vehicles and although I can spend hours on it, I am never really stoked on the result, being intimidated by so many great painters in the blogosphere that I follow.
But it has to be done, so here we go.
This is where I am right now:
I didn't want to use oils on this one, I am still a little burnt out on the Forgeworld method after doing to big models that way, so instead I opted for the normal primer/camo and then lots of washes and dry brushes.
I am only at the base stage of painting, so everything looks really messy and horrible, but in the next few days I will attempt to clean it up. I do prefer to start from a mess and make it better, I am NOT a clean painter.
The inside of cab and bed are grey
and here's another closeup
A word on the washes: John is producing some brandspanking new Santa Cruz Warhammer Washes, that I am using on this model. He is still working out the bugs, but here is the set I am playing with:
I asked my daughters to come up with some good names, my ten year old came up with
Death Red
Night Black
Grass Green
Coffee Brown (two are the same)


Anyway, once the kinks have been fixed we are going to send these as test sets out to get some feedback on the new line.

Also as promised, I was going to show a picture of the set that produced the tank and guardrails...
and here is the set:
it's an old Robogear Chemical Plant. An excellent kit for conversions if you can find one.



  1. Looking great! you are really hitting that grimy look out of the park!

    Make sure you send me a set of those washes ; )


  2. Superb weathering! I can't wait to see how you tie it together with the gunner and the fuel tank.

  3. really cool it has a really good murky look to it which suits an oil tank and it does really look erealistic.
    could you please do a whole army photo

  4. You guys keep raising the bar. One of my favorite blogs.

  5. I love the way this is turning out. A group shot with this the deathstrike and the Valk would look fantastic. Are you sure these guys aren't renegades?

  6. thanks for the kind words you all! I am kind of stuck now though and don't really know how to proceed...details? Tank car? Camo Netting?

  7. I would really love the washes!


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