A Guard Hellhound a la Dave Taylor, Part 4: it's done and I am happy

The Hellhound Truck is done! Just in time, right before my usual collapse of focus and interest, I might say. This thing came out OK and anyone wanting something fun to do, check out Dave Taylor's truck and this one, steal the plans and have at it. It's satisfying to say the least. Before showing you the last rundown of this truck, here is what I started with:
Here it is finished:
This is by no means a masterpiece of building and painting and nothing makes that more obvious then the following close up pictures. Sometimes I am shocked to see how bad a paintjob really is when I see a close up photo enlarged on the screen. Anyhow, here's a sideshot
I added a camo net on this side that the troopers can pull over the tank quickly when they spot enemy planes. I was first going to paint the prometheum tank orange, but in the end I kept it in the same paint scheme, less flashy but more likely.
I don't really use decals but for this one I used a few
The back truck bed has some gerry cans stowed away. Those little details give me great pleasure to make.

and as you can see, the prometheum spills all over the place
I did tint the glass of the protective shield with green wash from Johns new washes. I think it worked out well and gives some color up top as well. The trooper's head is another resin cast that John did for me.
On this side you can see I posed the trooper in a non active position, holding himself steady with his left hand while greeting someone.
Ok, so that's that for the Hellhound Truck!
Some readers have asked to see the whole Bishkek family together in one picture so I obliged: here is the Bishkek 2nd as far as I have built it.
here are the heavies: two Hellhounds and a Manticore. I am redoing the rockets right now so they were not ready for pictures.
The mech Rough Riders
I am building the last one as we speak and it will be my next post, but you will be surprised, mech but no mech!
Here are the snipers and a Priest:
3 flamers:
...and my unfinished Penal Legion. You can also spot the one normal guardsman in there that John painted for me.
And that's that! Hope you enjoyed this ride! As a recap, here is



  1. NICE!

    Impressive, informative & inspiring.

  2. Keep up with this fantastic work..
    Your Bishkek army is going very well, i want to see more troops expecially more veterans( that flamers are stunning)..

  3. Great work Mike,

    What scale did you use with making the flamer ? ie 1/35 scale model parts ? 1/48 ?

  4. Fantastic work - The army is coming along beautifully!

    I think you made the right choice on the color of the tank, and I think the camo and weathering is very well done.

    Can't wait to see what's next!

  5. jemezz382: I used an old 1/35 scale chassis with wheels. The weapon itself is just two pieces of plastic rod with the end of a heavy flamer

  6. Amazing stuff... Again!!!
    It´s a cool looking army.

  7. I love your refit of Dave Taylor's design, the cab in particular is a nice piece of work.

    Excellent painting and weathering, the little details like decals and fuel cans really bring it to life. Speaking of which, I think I'd like to have seen that promethium spill carried over to the truck bed. Excellent, excellent job!

  8. I can't wait to see more Bishkek troops, and maybe a LR Vanquisher added to the force. The irregular look of the troops and the worn desert vehicles are really nice looking. Does the term Bishkek some from somewhere? The force looks so cohesive!

  9. Great looking vehicles and overall army theme!

    If the Soviets were around to invade Afghanistan in the year 40,000, this is what I imagine they'd look like.

  10. Drathmere:
    I looked for a long time for a fitting name that would sound exotic and deserty...I like Bishkek a lot. It's a city in Kyrgistan (former USSR) and by the time we reach the 41 Millennium, that area will certainly be dry and hot but cold at night.

    I haven't started on the troops because I don't know what to do with them, it's that simple.
    My next project is the final rough rider, then a counts as Leman Russ, a plastic build that looks like the tanks Mordian 7th is using.

  11. The paint job in incredible! very inspiring indeed.

  12. the tracks for the rough riders, are they epic land raiders or the cyclops tracked units from forge world? or even something else that Im yet to of found to use for a Adeptus Mechanicus army?

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