A Guard Hellhound a la Dave Taylor

Like many of you I also look forward to Dave Taylor's new blogposts. His work is really inspiring and his Blood Pact army looks so creative and artful; the trucks in it are awesome. Here's is Dave's blog, make sure to become a follower. So get you started right, click here for the link to Dave's Guard Truck.
So I decided to make a Hellhound using Dave's template that he has on his site for all of us to use. So I am starting a little series on making this thing. I have not gotten very far but I am inspired!

First thing was to download the template. For some reason the file printed out too small, so I resized it so the dimensions on the page are perfect when printed on a 8.5x11 sheet. Here are those files for you all to download without having to do photoshop to it.
Copyright: Dave Taylor and Thomas Wynn

I sent Dave these files so he can drop them on his site as well if he wants to. If you open them up in Photoshop you can see the guidelines that I added to create the right size. Should work for all of you.

After printing I cut all the pieces out, then traced them on plastic card. After that the cutting starts. Not easy but by no means impossible.
Here's a start: The Truck Bed
My buddy Christian gave me some sprues from this funky russian brand that made an oil refinery, I will get a picture of that next time. But the pieces work great, here are the railings that will hold the prometheum tank in the bed.
here's the tank from that same kit.
I made some stabilizing posts for it.
I am not using the Ork Trukk chassis, instead I found an old truck bed in a bitzbox that will have to do.
I did put an engine in the front of the truck
I am going for a 1930's look in this thing. At this point Dave's template stops working for me; his templates work with the slightly smaller Ork Trukk and my chassis is longer. So it's blindfolded forward from now on. It is tons of fun!



  1. Wow, that's a great start!
    I really look forward to how this develops.
    BTW, nice work with the tank.

  2. Excellent work mate, inspired use of the chemical factory kit.

    With your new painting skills, this is going to look outstanding.

  3. That's going to look quite nice when you're finished. What scale truck was it? I ask because I've been looking for some wheels to do a halftrack conversion and model wheels seem thin by 40k standards.

  4. Looking good Mike! Are you going for a fully enclosed cab? That might be a bit easier to start with.



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