Goin' Rogue Part 1

I want to go back to basics in this post. We started out with Santa Cruz Warhammer highlighting all kinds of cool models that could easily be implemented in our games. Lately I have been going back to the eighties and early nineties for my inspiration. Here are some of the models I really enjoyed painting up. No Masterpieces but just plain fun. I tried to give them a modern day paint scheme. All the guard models I will use in my Bishkek. none of them are converted.

Ork, 1987
luitenant 1991(?)
voxcaster 1994. This model is absolutely splendid. Find it, it's a joy to paint!
These models are totally out there, waiting for a kind hand to paint them back to life. Try the barterbucket next saturday!



  1. i'm doing the same with my valhallan & classic cadian guardsmen!
    i simply love the fat cadian lieutenant but sadly i don't own it.
    i have got the commlink operator, i've stripped it and i'm planning to re paint it in a different way. if you are interested feel free to check this out:

  2. Great minis... Really nostalgic stuff. Brings back memories :)

  3. That comms guy has turned out really well. I still haven't found mine and now I'm really gutted after seeing yours painted up.


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