The Last Bishkek 2nd Rough Rider is going rogue!

Remember my four Mech Rough Riders?
Well the squad needs 5, but I had spent all my creativity on those four, so I forgot about them. Until I started trading with someone on the Barter Bucket (From the Warp on Saturdays), who wanted to trade some stuff and gave me an Rogue Trader Imperial Guard Biker. Yep, the guard used to race around on Indians and Harleys. Here's a product sheet of that model, it's all the way on the bottom, I think I have the guy on the right.
The sculpt is not exactly detailed, but I was super excited to make this into something fun.
My model didn't have a steering handles and the rider had no arms. I actually used Spacemarine arms with Guard hands, it came out surprisingly good. I also added a little console/dashboard above the steering bars. Here's the model before painting.
I had to go with a round base because of the unit coherency but it really needed a long one, it looks a little cramped.
Here it is painted.
Check out the bolters in the front wheel..
I gave him a backpack from some cheap toy soldiers that John has a million of (box on the flea market), the backpacks on those models are great.
The gerry can is leaking....I gloss coated it but the picture doesn't do it justice, that part actually came out quite good.
Although there is loads of things to complain about with this model, you cannot deny the character and charisma that this guy oozes. Very sweet indeed!
Here you can find a great catalog with images of all the old OOP GW minatures. I can only implore you to check it out, find a model you like and hunt it down on Ebay or the Barter Bucket!



  1. Fricking sweet! Love the weathered/dirty look

  2. To date, these are still by far the coolest Rough Riders out there.

    Fantastic job on the weathering, as usual. (I'm really going to have to pick-up that IA book!).

  3. Nice work Mike, you're starting to make me think about dragging out the old Vincent Blackshadows I have to use for my Blood Pact Rough Riders!

  4. Ah, the old Vincent Blackshadows. Your post reminded me that I have a couple of these knocking around in the bits boxes - makes me want to use one of them to make a proxy Mogul Kamir for my motorcycle-equipped rough riders.

    Nice work on the model, you're right that they're somewhat lacking in detail, but you've managed a striking looking model nonetheless. Keep up the great work!

  5. I really have to agree, this mini has such character. The awesome paintjob only makes it better!

  6. Wow! I'm glad the model found such a loving home! The poor guard has been in my bits box forever...and traded to you just a few weeks ago and pow! Amazingly painted model!

    What little detail the model did have, you've done a wonderful job of showing it. I love the bolters on the wheels and the weathering job. Amazing!

  7. I've got 4 or 5 of these old bikes, without riders. I've been playing with the idea of converting some riders and painting them up. This post may just inspire me to give it a try.

  8. sorry this comment is so much later than the original post, but i always check blogs sporadically... i was just wondering if you could give a simple tutorial on how you dirty up flat surfaces, as the rust, bare metal and general dirt look really good! i was looking especially at the hellhound you've finished recently, but thought posting to that might not get me anywhere! i also had a question about the washes - could you ask your daughter why she associated death and red? i would have thought black / purple / white and shades thereof might be associated with death, but red really intrigued me!


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