MkI Land Raider for my Death Guard / Simple Light Box

I have always wanted one of these. Since I have been using the old rhinos for my Death Guard, I thought that I might get one of these for the terminator squad. For some reason I never bought one in the 80s, must have been too expensive.

After seeing Ron's post with his, I decided I had to get one.

I was able to find this through a wanted posting in the FTW Barter Bucket, which is no longer at FTW, but Mike and I liked it so much that we are hoping to adopt it, and host it here with a new and improved style, if we can bring Mik over to run it.

After assembly I dove into the bits box to come up with the needed parts for the weapons and other odds and ends.

I stacked the lascannons like the original old kit.

I used the old rhino cyclops hatch to make a door in the front for assulting. I also used a round base to lift the coupla up a bit.

I am not too sure about the half barrel on top, I might take it off.

I was lucky to have a break in the rain so I was able to get these pics, just before the rain started again. For my last post I made a little " light box " on the kitchen counter, next to the stove.

I used a big piece of white paper, and three clamp on lights. I clamped the lower two to the drawer sides and the upper to the bottom of the cabinet door, it worked quite well, and I will be using this method for late night pics when there is no outside light to use.

Here is Arkady shot in the middle of the night, with the kitchen counter light box.

Now, time to paint the MkI.



  1. Aw mannn!
    Killer job. I love the old Mrk.1 Land Raiders, and I've been eye-balling scratch-build templates & stuff for a while, but this.... yours is awesome. I love that you stacked the las-cannons too.

    My only whine about the Mrk.1 is the treads. Is there a place to get extra treads from the modern ' raider kit?

  2. The MkI is sweet! The additions and updates are tasteful and not overdone.

    The light box is incredible. I'll have to look into something like this myself. I have fits trying to get decent pics.

  3. Nice job with the lascannons. I went with the single barrel but the double looks much more menacing.

  4. Esty- the goofy treads are growing on me. I have extra L.R. treads, the new Barter Bucket would be a great place to get them.

    Geek- Thanks, I wanted to keep it close to the original. I came up with the kitchen light box by holding the lamps in my hands and then thinking "I could clamp this down here" and by the time I liked the light it was looking like that.

    Ron- yours were what threw me over the top to finally get one, I just realized even my Heavy Bolters are in the same place as yours, I added a link to yours.

    I stacked and staggered the lascannons to try to keep true to the original profile, and to avoid any WYSIWYG twin linked problems.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer


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