We have a Logo Contest Winner!

The Bishkek 2nd Logo Contest is over! The readers overwhelmingly voted for Levente (#1)and his design:
Congrats on your win, well done indeed! Email me with your shipping specs at mike.tess@charter.net AND don't forget to tell me: Leman Russ or Chimera. You will also get 5 resin 25 mm bases. We at Santa Cruz Warhammer want to share the wealth, it feels good to move some of our stuff to you, well done on the design!

I do want to mention Elrad (#2) who was the youngest contestant at 10 years; mark this moment ladies and gents, Eldrad and his cronies are the future of the hobby.

And thanks to Johnathan Hunter (#3), an excellent job as well.

One last thing. I received this design after the contest had already started. Sorry you couldn't compete, but here is the logo anyway for others to see. Well done Mr. Esty!
Cheers to all of you!



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