Goin' Rogue Part 3: the Big Boy wants to play

Through the Barter Bucket (see our column on the right) I received a bag of OOP Imperial Guard. In it was a half mauled OOP Ogryn. It was the really ugly one with the minotaur head. Now, I love the old school Guard, but this model is not pretty. Besides the comical design, the cast was terrible and it had lots of problems that I really didn't want to deal with, mostly on his face.
So I made him wear a head scarf and goggles to protect himself from the desert sand. Green stuff is not my strong point (I would love to take a class somewhere; when is Dave Taylor coming over to the Bay Area for a clinic?) The sigar is also green stuffed as is the left lower arm and glove that holds the cannon.
The cannon is from a Dwarfen forge. I added lots of bags and pouches and the Ork Grenade.
By bending his legs I gave him an improbably dynamic pose that looks great on the battlefield!
Anyway, despite that this model looks rough and dirty, I am glad that the Bishkek 2nd now has it's own Big Boy, a child at heart but woe the foe who gets in his way.

The base is from Back-2-Base ix



  1. Thats a really nice conversion, a great way of rescuing an old model. Are there plans to do some more Ogryns? I think he needs friends...

  2. Ugh, I had a whole squad of the old & ugly Ogryn way back when. No idea what happened to them, nor any incentive to inquire.

    Nice conversion though, that model needed some serious help!

  3. Wow, that model looks great! I would be realy cool if you made some more ogryn. If you do thought it would be awesome if you made the leader look old but confused, with a long beard and a cigar.


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