The Grande Old Dame from the Kalmyk Zone, Part 2

Ok, the Kalmyk 1st tank is finished and moved into it's rightful spot in the Bishkek glass cabinet. Here are the images. First let's backtrack (check here for the 1st post).

after weathering with hairspray
finished up
The tank commander is actually an oop model that came with the special Russ for the Catachans. I painted his skin brown to make it look like he's wearing a jacket.
and the back
I really looked at this tank as an experiment with crazy weathering and in that respect it came out nice. I didn't have the stamina to make this into a really good finished up model, taking care of all the details like I did on all the other Bishkek vehicles. Nevertheless I am happy with how it looks right now. It will do a fine job rallying the Kalmyk troopers in their new Bishkek regiment.



  1. She looks very experienced. I believe you hit the nail on the head with the weathering !

  2. Looks Great. Have you thought about watering down some hawk turquoise to create verdigris on the engine pipes? The new white dwarf has a painting tutorial on it. Since you are a tad more adventurous painting wise, I thought I should check in with you first!


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