SCW Wanders off to WWII Battle Of Britain

Well, after seeing a post on the Wings of War WWI airplane card/miniatures game on John's Toy Soldiers blog.

I decided to check them out for something different to play. I ended up buying the WWII boxed set with rules and 4 minis, and later bought 2 more planes, a Messerschmidt and a Spitfire, so we had 2 of each for a game.

It was a simple game and very fun. With a pair of planes each we had 2 games of about 30 minutes each. You really only need 1 rules set has enough markers to play 4 planes at once.

A shot of the game table, a blanket over the table and some cotton clouds for looks.

Here a Bf-109 turns towards his wingman to stay out of a Spitfire's guns.

The plane packs come with maneuver cards , a stand and a prepainted 1/200 scale mini for about $13.

The rules sets come with the needed damage and special markers, and rules book, but the books can be found here for free.

The WWII series has only a few planes yet, but there is quite a few in the WWI series, which of course I will now be after to try also.



  1. Can you link to where you found the starter set with minis? Looking on the FF page I don't see which set includes minis. Also, do you know if the different series of WWI planes are compatible? It seems like John mentioned on his blog that he had bought series 2 rules and series 1 planes?

    Sorry for the questions, it's your fault for making me interested. I managed to resist when it was just on one blog!

  2. I found the WWII set online in Ohio, and much cheaper than I paid at my FLGS.

    It comes with 4 planes; a spit.,bf-109, hellcat and zero. so euro, and pacific, and the tokens to play 4 planes in a game, at this time those are all the types of planes available in miniature, but there are more in the other sets that are just cards, and I imagine will come out as models sometime.

    there are more WWI models out for that game, and you need the damage cards for each type of plane, the A set come in the first rules set and is for planes with 2 guns and the B set is for single guns, and comes in the Watch your back set, and C and D are for ground AA fire and rockets.

    So john may have bought models with twin guns, and only had B sets of damage cards. The WWII sets use tokens, and they are in all the sets. The WOW forum will answer many of these questions.

    Its great fun to play and so very simple, no dice to roll or complex rules to argue over, and the planes come painted.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Ah, damn. Now I am interested.

    I'm kinda disappointed that the planes come prepainted. I always liked painting my stuff, and seeing what people do with their gear. I suppose I can always repaint.

    Question for you though, how durable are the planes? I used to play the StarWars Miniatures, and the plastic was always so "gummy" and warped. I would hope that this plastic is a little more solid and less warp-able. Kinda like 40k pieces.

  4. Longscope-

    Minis are not very rubbery, and could be repainted, there are also pewter models out there from different sources one is AIR200, some as cheap as 2 for 9 dollars.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  5. And so, another one turns to the dark side .


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